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Wasabi Wok & Sushi

Since 2012, the Wasabi restaurant located in Chalandri, Metamorfoseos str., 1 daily greets fanatics of Asian cuisine. The modern interior, with minimal decoration consists of red and black color suitable for cold, winter nights, while the cool outdoor area is perfect for warm summer days making it ideal for short everyday breaks where one can enjoy the unique tastes that our chefs create.

Light and healthy meals with fresh ingredients, and Sushi Nights every Tuesday and Thursday. Modern and healthy diet, culinary getaways to the East with selected ingredients of exceptional quality, and always at great prices. Keep Woking!


Golden Taste Award 2013

Awarded to Wasabi restaurant, by the website exodostime.gr and the greek newspaper Eleftheros Tipos!


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Signature Dishes

View some of our chef's tasty recommendations. Place your order online, or visit our restaurant to enjoy our culinary delights and the quality of our service.


Duck Skewers

Roast duck fillet with teriyaki sauce and sesame seeds served in skewer.


Caramel Chicken

Breaded chicken fillet with sesame.


Salmon Nigiri

Garnished rice with salmon.


Goma Wakabe Salad

Green salad with seaweed and sesame dressed with soy sauce.

The Press about Wasabi

  • Asian cuisine becomes larger and gains more fans, who I imagine would love an restaurant with the style and the prices of Wasabi.

  • To fusion lovers and fans of sushi, to those who want value for money, to those who seek a tasty proposition for every hour of the day, before and after shopping or whenever, in Chalandri they'll find an authentic Wasabi spot!

    Athens Magazine
  • Wasabi restaurant is located in Chalandri and has already gained several fanatics connoisseurs of good "sushi". Besides every Tuesday and Thursday offer, for only 19 € per person, Wasabi serves unlimited "sushi" for lovers of the genre. Of course the restaurant's potential in taste does not stop here, since it succesfully covers a wide range of recipes in the field of Asian cuisine.

    Exodos Time


Open Daily 13:00 - 24:00
Metamorfoseos 1 & Pentelis Ave., Chalandri / 2106006696 | 2106006330 | info@was
2106006696 | 2106006330 | info@wasabi.gr